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05.22.08 HawkVoIP released its next generation VoIP router for its reseller. This new router has 2 Phone ports, 1 x 100Mb WAN port, 4 x 100Mb LAN ports with firewall and fast routing processor.
03.20.08 HawkVoIP Launched a service allowing resellers to sell Long Distance from any phone
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The Company
Hawk Communications was a national Internet service provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Hawk Communications focused on providing cost-effective Internet access to individual subscribers and small businesses.

Hawk Communications provided easy-to-use Internet access by offering customized software, reliable network facilities and responsive customer service. Hawk Communications had grown dramatically since its formation in 1995. By 2005 Hawk Communications operated 4 different ISP and was one of the largest ISP in the country. Hawk Communications invested millions in its voice and data network.

In 2005 Hawk’s principles decided to focus on next generation IP services instead of Internet access. Hawk’s principles decided to form a new entity, Hawk VoIP LLC, to utilize its existing network and other resources to provide VoIP (Voice Over IP) services.

Based on reports of high cost, poor network performance, insufficient customer support and billing problems with other telephone providers, Hawk VoIP believes that there is a growing and unsatisfied demand for high quality, low cost VoIP telephone company for individuals and small businesses.

Customer Support
Hawk believes that excellent customer support is critical to its success in retaining existing subscribers and in attracting new subscribers. Hawk currently provides free Telephone and Online customer support on a 24/7 basis. Subscribers can call the center through a local telephone number or a toll-free "800" number. Subscribers can also e-mail their questions directly to a customer support address at the Company's Web site.

Sales and Marketing
The Company's marketing efforts have been geared toward generating positive referrals and stimulating subscriber growth and retention by providing an exceptionally high quality service to its existing subscribers. In addition to encouraging referrals from existing subscribers, the Company engages in nationwide outdoor, radios, TV and print publications.

Sales are consummated by the Company's telephone sales force, which responds to incoming subscription inquiries, as well as through an on-line sign-up procedure. The on-line registration module enables a user to become a Hawk VoIP subscriber by selecting service plans and billing methods on-line, without the need to speak to a Hawk VoIP employee.

The Company maintains a Network Management Center at its Miami headquarters through which the Company's technical staff monitors network traffic, service quality and security, as well as equipment at individual Pops, to ensure reliable voice traffic. In addition, the Company is continuing to invest in improved network monitoring software and hardware systems.

Although the Company believes that its success is more dependent upon its technical expertise than its proprietary rights, the Company's success and ability to compete is dependent in part upon its technology. The Company relies on a combination of copyright, trademark and trade secret laws and contractual restrictions to establish and protect its technology.

It is the Company's policy to require employees and consultants and, when possible, suppliers to execute confidentiality agreements upon the commencement of their relationships with the Company. These agreements provide that confidential information developed or made known during the course of a relationship with the Company must be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties except in specific circumstances.

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